So — what's Time Pullers all about?

Time Pullers turns your reality upside down as you discover the history you are so familiar with should never have happened. A mysterious, hairless visitor is thwarted by guards in an attempt to use a double semi-trailer truck to run a gate at a US Air Force base. The man insists upon seeing the base commander, and he spins an incredible tale of how his own continuum, his future reality, has been destroyed by sabotage to a point in the continuum of your own past.

The mysterious stranger, known only as “Mr. G,” pleads with his captors to help restore the damage done to the continuum by their common enemy. He alone has survived, of his entire civilization, to escape to your own present time to solicit help, bringing with him the means to make one, and one only attempt to bring his civilization back. If you help him, you will lose everything and everyone in your life, but if you do not, you face inevitable devastation in your own reality.

Time Pullers takes you on a ride through history that will not only make you wonder if we are really safe on our little blue orb, but it will also forever change your perspective about what we call “unidentified flying objects.”

Time Pullers puts the SCIENCE back into Science Fiction. This time-travel adventure is set at an Air Force base in the Oklahoma City area, but is it FICTION, or FACT? You decide.

Time travel, science fiction, book, UFO, continuum, alien