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Newtonian Food for Thought

Good evening, mes amis, it is Professor Dubois once more.  This will not be an extended talk, but I had on my mind the concept of frame of reference, or perspective, and I wished to share it with you. You … Continue reading

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Shorei-Kan Proverb Number Nine

Konbanwa, tomodachi.  Good evening, friends.  It is Ichiro again. We have almost arrived at the end of our journey.  This evening I come to you to talk about the ninth proverb: Do not become angry. He who is easily angered … Continue reading

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Block, or Inline? Your choice.

Hello again.  I’m Horton Deakins, the real-life writer of this blog.  By that I mean that all the other “writers,” Craig Brewer, Professor Dubois, Ichiro Morioka, and Lana Abston, are characters from my new Sci-Fi book, Time Pullers.  So, for … Continue reading

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Meat and Eggplant Casserole

Has everyone tried the Loob-yee ib lahm?  Are you starving now and dying to try another great Lebanese dish?  (For you guys out there ‘m talking about food, in case you haven’t caught on yet.)  Then here’s something to tickle … Continue reading

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Throwing You a Curve

Bonsoir, mes amis. I wish to speak to you this evening about thrust curves. I promise that I will connect this discussion to rocket fins, but let us begin with the inner workings of the rocket engine and the performance … Continue reading

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