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Be smart — and secure — with facebook

Here’s a link to a handy-dandy security cheat-sheet for facebook.  Following these hints is the best way to secure your facebook account, short of one thing — closing it.

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A good way to get hypothermia …

… is to ride on a whale-watching vessel on Monterey Bay in the middle of Winter.  Even faster if you do the Titanic trick and go overboard. Check out this short video I took trying to shoot (video and stills) … Continue reading

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No peanut butter — just jelly

No time right now to show you the backpacking trip to the waterfall in Japan, but check out this video of jellyfish in the Monterey Bay Aquarium:  

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All the way to Japan to get away, and your sisters show up!

Just kidding.  I was thrilled to see them.  It would have been nice if all three could have come.  I’ll get back to the waterfall backpacking trip soon, but here’s a skeenik photo of two of them and myself, somewhere … Continue reading

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Time Pullers Book Trailer

Click this link to see my book trailer:  

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