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Where did everyone go?

Editor’s note: Sorry that Dr. Dubois, Craig, and Ichiro have been absent so long, and that Lana has yet to debut one of her family recipes, but they will all return soon. I’ve been rather busy wrapping up the edits … Continue reading

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Sense of Direction

Mes Amis, I would like to interject a little food for thought today. What would cause a rocket to rise into the air and then turn ninety degrees and fly sideways? This is not a question totally unrelated to the … Continue reading

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Shorei-Kan Proverb Number Seven

Hello, it is Ichiro Morioka again. Konbanwa.  Good evening.  Shibaraku desu ne.  It’s been a long time.  Tonight I wish to speak about the seventh proverb: Do not become contentious—right is right, and wrong is wrong. Some say, “Do not … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note

Lana is the most recent of the characters from my sci-fi book, TIME PULLERS, to join this blog.  Welcome, Lana. You will be able to read more about Lana after the mid-spring, 2011 release of my book. All my characters … Continue reading

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Glad to make your acquaintance

Hello, everyone.  I’m Lana Abston.  The boys have been pestering me now for some time to participate in this blog, but I’ve been reticent.  I’ve been rather enjoying my anonymity, but now I’m feeling like it’s time to move on, … Continue reading

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Mea culpa

Brewer here again.  How many of y’all caught my mistake?  Well, as the old saying goes, to err is human … but I’m not going to ask you to forgive me, I’m just going to ‘fess up to my error … Continue reading

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Playing both ends against the middle

Howdy, folks. Brewer here again.  No, I’m not much of a poker player.  That title refers to a way to find the middle of something when you don’t have the proper measuring tools. For instance, let’s say you’ve already used … Continue reading

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