Is anyone out there?

Dear loyal followers–if you exist.  Actually, I know of only one person who regularly follows this blog.  If you (others) are out there, I need to hear from you via the contact link at the top.  Otherwise, I’ve got a lot hotter irons in the fire than  to waste time playing with this blog.

As do most people, I ‘ve got a real job.  I may have written a book–in fact, I might have written a darn good book, maybe even one of your favorite books if you were to read it, and  I’ll go one step further and say Time Pullers might make into one of the best movies you’ve ever seen.  But that is not in the works, and writing does not pay the bills.  In fact, I’ve yet to make even one red cent from my writing; quite the opposite, I’ve had hundreds of dollars in expenses–a rather costly hobby, as it turns out.

Unfortunately, writing is a hobby I can no longer afford.  It was, at best, an experiment.  Again, I think there are many who could be quite enthusiastic about my book, but alas, there are few who know about it; thus, there are few who have or ever will read it.

Here’s the bottom line, amigos: From here on out, unless I hear from you–any of you, I will update this blog, at most, once a month.   I know that is not frequently enough to sustain a following, but, as best I can tell, I have no following.  So, what’s the point?  Only you can tell me if there is a point.  Right now, I can’t see it.  BWOT (Big Waste of Time).

I’m not going to take this blog down–for now–but at some point, if it continues to be clear that no one is visiting it, I definitely will.

Jetzt, auf Facebook du kannst mich sehen. Zwischen Leber und Milz, passt immernoch ein Pilz.  Es tut mir leid, aber ich kann es nicht mehr tun, weil alles ab gef***** sein.   Adios.  Sayoonara.  Au revoir.  Dasvidaniya.  Later, gator.


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