Bloody Vikings!

I was chastised for my rather ominous facebook image, so this is what I substituted:

Me, in first grade

The photo shows a bit of my bloody Viking heritage–which I didn’t know I had until I did a DNA test. Anyway, this school picture was taken somewhere around the time that I contracted encephalitis and was in a coma for a week. No one thought I would make it, but I fooled them all. I remember sitting in the recovery area of the Childrens’ Hospital, watching daytime westerns: Whiplash, Wagon Train, Death Valley Days, Rawhide, and some Texas Rangers show, where the the theme song had the words, “This is the story of 26 men….”

I did say, “daytime” westerns, did I not?  Well, I’m sure I had lost all track of time, so I can’t guarantee all of them were on in the daytime.  They probably had the TV off and the lights out fairly early, though.

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