My Interview at the 2012 SoonerCon 21

I just found my interview on a podcast from the SoonerCon 21 sci-fi convention (2012).   I have asked the producers of “Two Average Dicks” if I might publish just my portion of their interview, and they said it was OK under two conditions:  1) I provide a link to their site, and 2) I warn people that their conversation (during portions of the podcast) is intended for adult audiences.  And they mean it.  Here is their link, and I am 52 minutes into the interview: Two Average Dicks . Be forewarned, though–some of the podcast is geared for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY, but not my portion of the interview.  I’ll try to post just my part on my Website, but I’m not sure if I can find a codec to convert the MP4 file.  I’ll see what I can do–I am a software professional, by the way—but I won’t fix your computer.

UPDATE:  I have succeeded in extracting just my part of the interview, edited it to remove some of the background noise, and published it on the interview page of my Website.



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