Riddle me this

As of late, I have posted on my fan page a number of things designed to elicit discussion.  I have decided that most of those postings are too long for the typical facebook posts, so I will now set about to re-post them here, and to commence using this blog for all such posts in the future.

The first deals with observations I have made about the huge quantity of books read by, primarily, many of the people who have goodreads accounts.  I would like to know your take on this.

I am constantly discovering more and more people who read voraciously, people who can devour books in just a couple of days and who have read hundreds if not thousands of books, and they still have good enough retention after completing a tome to do a review.What is puzzling to me is, with that kind of skill—which I envy—why are not more  of these accomplished readers also accomplished writers? Is it merely the mindset that it is an insurmountable task to get published? Is it fear that one’s writing will not be good enough? Fear of ridicule? Or is it simply not on the to-do list? What do you think?


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