Be we Englishmen, or Norsemen?

Y-DNA 12 Marker MapThis map shows my DNA matches for the first 12 selected markers on my Y chromosome, meaning it goes back only on the male line. The UK matches don’t surprise me, but I was completely unprepared for the matches in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and  Finland. The red pins indicate a exact 12-marker match, of which there are only two: One in the northern UK and one in northern Norway.

You can get more info from the key at the bottom, but understanding it is a bit complicated.  At least, now I know where my ski-slope nose comes from.  I resisted the urge to draw longboats crossing the North Sea toward Scotland, but it does explain my affiity for hammers and hats with horns.

I also did tests for 25 and 37 markers, but when you filter on those, the number of matches decreases drastically.  Hmm.  England, Scotland, Scandinavia, myths and mythical lands, traveling back to the land of my forefathers… a little romance… sounds like a story in there somewhere.

Ah, yes.   I googled it and there have been some 264,000 novels on the subject in question.  I’m off the hook, and good thing, too, because my muse lies a-mouldering in the grave and I have no magick with the power to revive her.

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