I’m destined to be a vampire hunter!

Vampire hunters subclade migration

This map received a rather cool reception on my fan page, so I thought I’d try it here.  Follow the logic with me.  Notice that the R1b subclade goes right smack dab through Transylvania. However, my subclade, R1a, branches off near Kazakhstan to go through Eastern Europe and on to Scandinavia.  If the vampires came from R1b, then isn’t it obvious that the vampire hunters must needs be have come from the same haplogroup, R1?  Am I right, or what?  It is inescapable.

It is clear to me what I must now do, what my mission is:  I must purchase the entire set of Buffy episodes and sit down with pen and pad (right next to the popcorn) and begin to learn how to apply my new calling.  I am sharpening my sword now, with which I shall begin to sharpen stakes.

I know you’re out there!  I’m coming, and Hell’s coming with me!

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