Our blood is your blood — Mae ein gwaed yn eich gwaed

My ears hurt as if being tugged upon by pliers—yet I welcome the pain, as it heralds the completion of my journey to reunite with my Welsh ancestors. I hear them clearly now:

We be Tylwyth Teg, the Fair Folk. We be your kinsfolk. Mae ein gwaed yn eich gwaed. Our blood is your blood. We be the Dea-kinsmen. Magick is our way.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little journey through a fantastical, magical world born of a mix of Welsh legends and Deakins family history. I’ve had more than a little fun trying to spin this fantasy yarn to life.

A special thanks to my cousins, Richard and Karen, for their help in adding family history that blended well with the fantasy to give it a touch of realism. At times, as I saw all the facts churning together with the fiction, I began to wonder if I was really making all this up! A frightening thought, eh? *wink*

Also thanks to author Judith Leger, whose fantasy novel Enchanted provided me with additional inpiration for this fable.

Just to be completely clear, all this was just for fun, and these stories in no way represent either reality or my personal beliefs. Nothing was real… except for the parts that were

Tylwyth Teg performing magick


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