Another Tidbit From TIME PULLERS

The general didn’t wait for an answer. “I am Major General Vega. I am the commander of this Air Logistics Center. You have stated that you would open your boxes if I would meet with you. Well, I’m here. And if you will turn your attention to that screen over there, you will see the other boxes. Those little cakes on them are high explosives, and those wires are connected to detonators. If you do not hold up your end of the bargain, starting by opening this box right here, I am prepared to give the order to blow those boxes to kingdom come. You have exactly one —”

“Yes! Now I will show you the boxes,” the visitor said. “Please, do no harm to the boxes, for they contain the only chance for the survival of both your civilization and mine.”

— Excerpt from Sci-Fi TIME PULLERS, Chapter 1, by Horton Deakins
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