Considering a goodreads ad?

For any out there who have been on the fence about doing a goodreads ad, here are some of my stats:

Total views = 206,330.
Total clicks = 47.

The ad ran for just over two months, at a total cost of $99.00. At times, I had to increase the bid to around $2.60 per click in order to compete for placement on pages.  Three days in particular stood out for view count (impressions), where the counts exceeded 6000, 25,000, and 34,000. Typical days were about 1000 views, with the overall average just above 3000 views per day.

As for effectiveness, who can say?  I certainly sold more books while I was advertising, but I spent more, total, on advertising (in three different venues) than I have made (so far, over three months) on sales.  I gave away far more books (494, if I remember correctly) than I sold, although quite a few people have read my book, or some part of it, via Kindle Unlimited.  I also have thoughts concerning Kindle Unlimited, but that’s another subject for another time. For now, I’ll just say that, at 99 cents, I have to sell six copies to equal the royalty for one sale when I was using Kindle Select and pricing at $2.99.

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