Watakushi no namae wa Morioka Ichiro desu. Nice to meet you. My name is Ichiro Morioka. Mr. Brewer has asked me to take over for today, and Professor Dubois has not yet returned. I, too, am a physicist, specializing in thermophysics, but I will not be speaking to you about science because that is for Professor Dubois and his Science Corner.

In the other reality where we once lived, I taught both physics and karate, and it is karate that I will speak about here. Specifically, I wish to tell you about my particular style, known as Shorei-Kan. The symbols, or kanji, for this style of karate are these:


I will come back to these another time, but for now I wish only to point you to the middle symbol, REI. This stands for respect and courtesy, which is very important in the study of Shorei-Kan.  If you have watched the Karate Kid movies, then you have seen elements of Shorei-Kan.

Shorei-Kan originated in Okinawa, both in my reality and in your reality, and so far I have found little or no difference between the style I taught and what is being taught in your reality.  The main difference I see is that there are so few schools in this reality that teach this form of karate.  In the Oklahoma City area the only one I have found is at Haggerty’s Martial Arts Center (http://www.haggertyskarate.com/).

Since this is our first meeting, I will make it a short one. But I want to tell you something about the Shorei-Kan philosophy, so I will begin by giving you the first of ten sayings:

  1. Harmonize body, mind, and spirit.

Dewa mata, see you later.

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