Hitotsu kara futatsu made.

It is Ichiro again. I am sorry to have left you with the first saying, Harmonize body, mind, and spirit, with no further explanation. Please forgive me. Allow me to elaborate, please.  Even if you believe in no higher power, I am sure you can find a substitute for the term spirit. If you are comfortable with that, we shall continue. All these things must operate in concert in the trained karateka, or practitioner of karate. Your body must be developed, your mind must be educated, and your spirit must be dedicated to your training.  When these things operate together, then you have achieved the essence of Shorei-Kan. It is a thing to constantly strive for during your training.

I must also apologize for not telling you that Shorei-Kan is a type of goju-ryu karate.  Go means hard, referring to hard strikes and blocks, and ju means soft, refering to open-hand and circular, sweeping techniques.  Ryu simply means “style.”  Goju-ryu is exclusively Okinawan.

Now niban, or the number-two, saying:  Be sincere in your learning. If you are to achieve harmony of your body, mind, and spirit in your training, you must be sincere. You will never achieve anything worthwhile if you are not sincere in your attempts.

Now, an extra saying from the old master, Chojun Miyagi: Consider thoughtfully your courtesy with humbleness.

Oyasumi nasai, good night.

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