Issho ni renshu suru o negai shimasu.

Konbanwa. Good evening. Today I wish to speak about the third saying of Shorei-Kan: Help one another learn the techniques.  There will always be those more and less skilled than you, and your sensei, your instructor, cannot give everyone personal attention. Remember rei, respect. It is not intended merely for those above you in grade, but also for those beneath you. All share in the knowledge imparted by the sensei, but some learn faster or slower than others. When you teach others, you teach yourself. You will comprehend new things and reinforce many old things in the process of helping the lower and slower students.

On some days, after you have been studying for perhaps a year or more, your sensei may ask you to lead the class. This is not because your instructor is lazy or busy with other things, this is because he realizes you are applying yourself and will benefit from the experience.  When your sensei selects you to lead the class, respond respectfully by saying, “Domo arigato gozaimasu, sensei!” or, “Thank you very much, teacher!” Say it with enthusiasm. This is your chance to show what you know and to be an example to your fellow students. There is no need to ask your sensei what he wishes you to do as the class teacher, because he has entrusted the class to you—teach what you will. Remember that he is watching, however, and be sincere in your instruction.

At the conclusion of the class, have everyone sit on the floor in order of rank. Finish by showing respect, or bowing, to the ancient masters of goju-ryu. This is to say to them, “Thank you for developing these techniques and passing them down so that I may learn them.” Then bow to each other.

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