Mea culpa

Brewer here again.  How many of y’all caught my mistake?  Well, as the old saying goes, to err is human … but I’m not going to ask you to forgive me, I’m just going to ‘fess up to my error and set it straight this time. We’ll make this short and sweet.

You will recall I said you needed at least 200 feet of string.  You could do it with that much string, but you wouldn’t need the procedure I gave you.  All you would have had to do is to stretch the string all the way across your field, tie a loop right there, then take that end back to the first end and secure it there.  The doubled length of string is your exact distance to the middle.

No, what I meant was that you needed just over 100 feet of string—actually some unknown length that would stretch somewhere between half way and all the way.

Hey, nobody’s perfect.

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