Shorei-Kan Proverb Number Ten

Konbanwa.  One last time, I, Ichiro Morioka, come to give you another proverb: Practice to the best of your ability, and everyone will benefit.

This proverb holds true in many ways.  For one, when you are practicing well, you are helping your sensei to conduct the class without interference.  You also do not present a distraction to the other students in the form of a bad example.  On the other hand, you do present a good example, an example to be imitated.  This can greatly benefit the other students, especially students of lower kyu, or rank.  Concerning these students, your influence may be much greater than you realize.  Do not make yourself a stumbling block to them rather, become the pattern they wish to imitate.

In the ninth proverb, we discussed the concept, perfect practice makes perfect. This is practicing to the best of one’s ability, and, above all, it benefits the individual.  But this benefit is not merely for the moment, it also assists as you attempt to acquire more advanced techniques, since it provides you with a solid foundation on which to build.

Throughout the years, as you practice well, you reinforce your training foundation and create a wealth of knowledge from which other students may draw.  It is this type of practice, this practicing to the best of your ability, that will enable you, perhaps, to someday become the sensei, as it is said: The student becomes the master.

This concludes our discussion of the ten Shorei-Kan proverbs.

Master Miyagi said, “Live a plain and simple life.”

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