Not Jabba the Hut

Manatee at Mote Aquarium in Sarasota

No, not even Pizza the Hut.  But I do believe Manny was looking right at me when I snapped this, don’t you think?

Home Sweet Garage

This is the garage apartment which my parents, along with their first two baby girls, called home during the final two years of World War II.  The address is still the same, 403 and a half, East … no, I’m not going to give the street — but it was in DeLand, Florida.  I had to make a pilgrimage to see it when we were in Sarasota.

Rub-a-dub-dub, the original tub

The current owners were remodeling the garage apartment and allowed me to go inside to take photos.  They told me this tub was part of the original fixtures, so that means my parents had used it.

DeLand Hospital -- now a museum

Those two baby girls were born in this hospital.  I really wanted to go inside and see how they had preserved part of it as a museum, but I had picked the “one” day out of the year that it was closed.  It was several hours’ drive from Sarasota, too.

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