More than one way to get there

It's what you don't see

Welcome to Mazatlán.   We’re going to explore modes of travel at this tourist site.  That tractor is just the tip of the tropical iceberg, for behind it is a long trailer with lots of benches.  It was this this mode of travel we were afforded to carry us to the center of this picturesque little island.  Note the man in the center of the photo who chose to make the trip on foot.

Traveling in style

Now we’re sittin’ [sic] in tall cotton.  Check out this Mazatlán motorbus.  This is what we rode on to tour the area — all included in our package, of course.  It’s difficul to see, but note the place of honor for the driver.  Looks like that chair came right out of the cantina.

Now, there’s independence!


Tired of the buggy?  How about a nice horseback ride.  Just don’t expect stirrups, and try to stay centered over the horse — it’s easy, it’s a cinch!

My name's Forrest, Forrest Gump. I'm the captain of this here shrimp boat.

Perhaps a ride on the water is more your cup of tea.  Here you can sail the seas in style.
Ay, yai, yai, Sir!

But if it’s real style you’re after, why not a cruise with the entire Mexican Navy? 


Like a phoenix

If neither one if by land, nor two if by sea, suit you, then there’s always air travel.

Need a rest? It doesn't come cheap.

Now we are done with our tour; time to freshen up.  But those locks won’t come off the doors to these excusados unless you pay up — five pesos per use!  Hope there’s a good exchange rate.
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